Bluegill Fishing

Spawning bluegill fishing, big fish being released. The Bluegill fishing is a great way to spend an afternoon. It is also one Bluegill worm and bobber fishing of the most fun fish to catch. Whether you are a brand new fisherman, or a seasoned veteran, everyone loves to catch bluegill. They are easy to catch, easy to clean, and hit like the dickens. Bluegill also fight really hard for their size, do to their saucer like shape. They are among the most widespread fish in the US. Almost every pond, lake and river have a great population. They also happen to be one of the best fish to eat. They are very easy to fillet and clean. They will readily eat dry flies, wet flies, lures and many types of live bait. They are certainly not picky eaters! Chances are you already have something that the bluegill will eat without heading to the tackle shop. I have even caught bluegill on bread and a few occasions on hot dogs!

Bluegill fishing is most effective using a bobber and a night crawler or leaf worms. One of the most exciting things I can think of is watching the bobber bounce. The anticipation builds, because you just never know what size and species of fish is hitting.

If you have children that need to learn how to fish, the bluegill is the number one fish to go after. When you take kids bluegill fishing they will surely catch fish, this will keep them interested long enough to gain an appreciation for the sport. Once they catch the fishing fever they can then graduate to other more difficult fish to catch. Be sure to check out our bluegill blog, featuring fly fishing for bluegill, Rigging rods, and even bluegill fishing lures!

It’s always bluegill season in the US, so its time to go out and catch some fish! Located near you there is a pond or lake that is brimming with these aggressive eaters. They will soon be spawning or breeding in most of the United states, making them a very easy target. Look for the polished up bluegill beds in the shallow water. To learn more about this subject visit the, fishing for spawning bluegill section.